Andrew Spong

ACT Chairman

KPMG Australia

As Chair of KPMG Canberra and a Partner in KPMG’s Management Consulting division, Andrew brings leadership and management consulting expertise to the areas of strategic planning, commercial management, procurement, operational improvement, and organisational reform.

Passionate about establishing KPMG as a Centre for Excellence for Government in Canberra, Andrew focuses on how we connect with our market, communities, and each other.

Andrew leads KPMG’s national Commercial Enablement team that provides commercial, procurement and contract management support to clients across government. Experienced in strategy and transformation, Andrew has led client engagement teams across federal government agencies.

As KPMG’s Chief Security Officer under the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP), Andrew is responsible for KPMG meeting its obligations as a longstanding member of the DISP.

Diversity and inclusion is important to Andrew, and he strives to build trusted relationships based on inclusiveness, empathy and mutual respect. He champions the importance of collaboration and harnessing the full potential of an integrated workforce.

As a representative of KPMG, Andrew attended the 46-week residential College Defence and Strategic Studies Course run by Australian Defence college in 2015.

Andrew joined KPMG in 2005 and was instrumental in establishing and growing KPMG’s national Defence practice.

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Customer Revenue Growth
  • Government and Public Sector
  • Operating Effectiveness
  • Strategy and Operations