Duncan McLennan

Partner, Audit & Assurance

KPMG Australia

Perspective is important to Duncan. Whether it’s leading the audit of a large public company or getting the best from his team, Duncan never assumes that an issue is black and white. Instead, the best solutions usually come by not jumping to conclusions and viewing things from multiple perspectives.

Duncan doesn’t stop at widening his own perspective on the audit or risk assurance projects before him. Instead, he puts his decades of international KPMG experience to good use by ensuring his Australian clients receive the highest calibre of opinion and expertise from the entire network.

On top of his formal academic qualifications, Duncan stresses the importance of always approaching challenges as opportunities to learn about industries, companies and individuals. These additional perspectives help ensure Duncan and his team build a more successful, multilayered future for each client. He’s quick to point out that it’s a virtuous circle: the more you learn, the more you’ve got to give on the next project. And that can only be a good thing for everyone involved.

  • Assurance
  • Audit
  • Audit quality
  • Expanded audit reporting
  • Governance, risk and compliance integrated assurance
  • Risk Management
  • Bachelor's Degree, Economics and Accounting, 1984-1988, University of Sydney

  • MBA, MBA 2004-2005, Melbourne Business School

  • Member, Institute of Chartered Accounts in Australia

  • Fellow, FINSIA