Nyk Loates

Director, KPMG Innovate

KPMG Australia

Nyk is a Director in KPMG’s Innovation, Solutions & Ventures team. He is part of the U-Collaborate capability that helps both our clients and our firm use creativity and critical thinking to solve complex problems, take decisions and build alignment and ownership across leadership teams.

Nyk is passionate about helping people to think differently and work differently to achieve their outcomes in a sustainable way. He has spent over 20 years designing and delivering collaborative engagements and workshops across many different industries and organisations around the world.

In 2013, he joined KPMG and moved from the UK to Australia. Outside of KPMG, Nyk runs an annual global collaboration conference that brings together facilitators, designers, graphic facilitators and change makers to push forwards the art of collaboration.

  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Human and Social Services
  • Innovation
  • Management Consulting
  • Strategy
  • Transformation