Darren Covington

Partner, Technology Integration Lead, Enterprise

KPMG Australia

Darren assists mid-market organisations to get the most out of their data through digital transformation. He maximises the use of analytics, automation and AI with integrated systems and processes to lead transformation programs that allow businesses to successfully participate in the digital economy.

A senior executive with international experience in the Asia Pacific and Japan, Darren’s expertise includes overseeing the full spectrum of business culture, operations, growth, governance, and risk. Driving upswings in industry engagement, transformational change, and business development have become hallmarks of his career in multi-national enterprises and government sectors, where nurturing relationships with executives, senior business leaders and boards are critical to executing bold ideas.

He specialises in technology consulting, design and architecture, implementation services and managed services for the mid-market. Darren’s enterprise technology expertise includes Cloud, BI, SAP, BPM, BPO, ERP, CRM, Core Systems, WFM, ECM, DCM and Search tools.

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cloud
  • Data and Analytics
  • Digital-driven transformation
  • Enterprise
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Middle Market
  • Technology change management