Accounting Advisory

Accounting Advisory

We help clients to achieve compliance and advise on how they might organise their financial reporting processes.

Accounting Advisory Services

All organisations periodically face difficult financial reporting and accounting issues and the current economic climate is increasing the challenges faced by businesses.

In trying to sort through these issues on their own, organisationstypically waste time and resources.

Good professional advisers can strip away much of the uncertainty and confusion which can surround the application of accounting standards and reporting practices, and enable relevant commercial outcomes.

How KPMG can help

KPMG’s Accounting Advisory professionals work with clients to help them achieve compliance, advise on how they might organise their financial reporting processes and help them ensure that accounting operations match the objectives of the business.

Financial Reporting Outsourcing

Compensating for temporary or permanentshortages in clients' departments responsible for the preparation of financialstatements and group reports.

Technical Accounting Advice

Support with complex accounting treatments, provision of alternative accounting policies, leading practices and examples and KPMG interpretations.

Training Solutions

Provision of technical training on accounting and financial reporting frameworks, including workshops in a classroom or an e-learning environment.

Financial Reporting Process Advisory

Design, improvement and optimisation of internal management and external financial reporting and accounting processes.

Conversion Services

Accounting conversions to match different financial reporting frameworks.

Finance Function Co-sourcing

Enhancing client teams with specialist skills to compensate for temporary shortages in clients’ finance

Regulatory Accounting and Reporting

Provision of advice and support in all matters of specific reporting, reconciliations and accounts required by regulators across industries.

Other AAS services

Other AAS include services related to Capital Markets Readiness, Pre and Post Deal Reporting, Cash to Accrual and Integrated Reporting. 

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