KPMG Lower Gulf professionals are deeply familiar with the challenges faced by companies in the region, and related opportunities.

Supply chain costs continue to rise, and compliance controls and requirements become more sophisticated as the volume of operations increases. This is why companies looking to build a strong international portfolio need professionals that can share their global knowledge and experience and are well informed of local requirements.

This complex and dynamic setting—along with the globalization of consumption trends—make it even more important to have an expert’s integrated approach to all trade and customs matters. At KPMG Lower Gulf, we work directly with companies in the UAE and Oman to help them expand their businesses across the region and the rest of the world.

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Assessing the various aspects of trade and customs operations, KPMG Lower Gulf professionals are well versed with the related challenges and opportunities faced by companies in the region.

With a team comprising members with a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise, we are able to provide insightful input on best practices for customs compliance and risk management.

Adding to our local expertise, KPMG Lower Gulf is connected to our global network of Trade & Customs experts in over 65 offices around the world, which help us develop a more cohesive and holistic approach to our clients’ international trade structure.

We look forward to working with you and supporting your company through the challenges of trade and customs.

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