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Managing international tax profiles matters for any international player whether a veteran or simply testing cross-border opportunities. Tax laws change frequently- but to succeed in today’s global marketplace it is not enough to simply adapt to the tax requirements of each jurisdiction in which you operate.

Companies must be forward thinking and anticipate or understand the potential short- and long-term consequences of tax planning decisions at a coordinated, global level and in the context of their wider business objectives.

Company executives should be asking:

  • Where should they locate?
  • What are the tax costs and benefits of entering into a new market?
  • Which entity should be used?
  •  What are the tax regulatory requirements? 
  • How should operations be financed?
  •  What is the impact to the effective global tax rate?

Additionally, frequent changes to tax legislations and greater scrutiny of tax structures now also require executives to:

  • Ensure that their tax planning remains appropriate given changes in business operations and consistent with the company’s culture
  • Keep track of frequent changes in tax law in multiple jurisdictions
  • Manage compliance and internal control requirements
  • Address greater scrutiny of tax decisions by an increasing range of regulators

KPMG’s international tax team can help you avoid the pitfalls and seize tax opportunities by helping you manage the complexities of multiple tax systems and international regulations around the world.

We address your concerns with an international mindset. We have helped several clients plan expansion and implementation of tax structures across the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Our services include:

  • International tax planning for business change, expansion into new jurisdictions and cross border transactions
  • International group restructuring•  Coordination of international tax reporting and global compliance management
  • Group tax health checks
  • Global capital structure planning, including efficient cross-border finance, repatriation and cash access planning.

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