When conducting cross-border transactions and structuring their supply chains, organizations face the challenge of navigating highly regulated environments and increased protectionism. KPMG’s Middle East Trade & Customs practice offers many years of commercial and technical experience to provide innovative and practical support to assist clients in achieving their business objectives.

The Middle East connects the east to the west, and it has been historically a main international trading hub. It attracts global businesses by hosting high quality infrastructure and offering a wide array of solutions for versatile supply chains. Organizations in the region can benefit from an extensive Free Trade Agreements network and specific local relief programs that enable proximity to markets, through supply chain security and trade facilitation.

As more countries in the region upgrade their market access infrastructure and diversify their economies to level up their trade balances, KPMG can help companies simplify the complex local customs regulatory framework and stay compliant and competitive in a fast-changing environment. Our network’s extended resources and our regional and local expertise enable us to support your business in the region by anticipating complexities and proactively facilitating preferential access to Middle East markets.

How we can help

At KPMG, we work with clients to enhance their profitability through risk mitigation and value generation by:

  • Establishing and optimizing efficient and consistent cross-border structures and operations, mitigating risks, minimizing costs, and generating strategic short and long-term advantages;
  • Ensuring compliance with international, regional, and local laws and regulations associated with cross-border trade; and
  • Adapting trade processes and controls to the specific needs of each business unit, group, or industry.

Our customs and excise tax and trade advice, compliance, and audit support services include:

  • Tariff determination, planning and ruling applications;
  • Free trade Agreement assessment of rules of origin, calculation, ruling applications, and regulatory advice;
  • Duty drawback advice, application, and implementation;
  • Advice to free zone companies;
  • Duty deferral/suspension schemes organization, application and implementation;
  • Client risk review / audit;
  • Standard operating procedure preparation;
  • Post Clearance Audit management and representation;
  • Contract review;
  • Incoterms 2020 advice;
  • Export controls regulatory advice;
  • Market access regulatory advice;
  • Import and domestic products’ labelling and "made in…" advice;
  • Authorized Economic Operator advice, applications, and maintenance;
  • Anti-dumping applications and defense;
  • Supply Chain advice

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