Are you planning to issue green, social or sustainability-linked financing? There’s growing demand for these from investors who care increasingly about purpose. 

Many lenders now require ESG metrics linked to financing arrangements to be reported annually, and also for those to be independently assured. 

The principles and guidelines covering sustainable bonds also recommend that issuers appoint an external reviewer. The task of the assurer is to confirm that the use of proceeds from the bonds are aligned with the core components of the relevant principles. Sustainable bond assurance will also help issuers meet growing investor expectations for more traceable and better-quality information. Today’s investors want a clear view of the impact of the funds they have invested.

How we help to assure sustainable bonds use of proceeds

Our ESG Sustainable Bond Assurance team provides independent, third-party assurance over the allocation of proceeds from your sustainable bonds. We can also help you through providing:

  • second-party opinions (for non audited entities)
  • assurance over KPI performance
  • assurance workshops to understand the requirements and expectation of the assurance process
  • readiness assessments (for non audited entities)

In addition, our wider team can provide:

  • understand the financing options available to you
  • develop a framework for your sustainable bonds
  • get support during fundraising
  • develop a governance and monitoring framework

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