Challenges faced by developers and investors

  • Not achieving return on investment in a timely manner due to unforeseen delays in project progress
  • Debt disbursed by the lenders is disproportionate to the progress of work achieved at site 
  • Mismatch between the financial progress and the physical progress 
  • Ineffective use of technology to provide visibility of real time progress resulting in incoherent reporting and performance monitoring 
  • Risk of fraud, over-payment, inadequate contract administration and statutory non-compliance

KPMG’s Team Offers

Our tools and technology

Project Improvement, Visualization & Optimization Tool
KPMG’s Project Improvement & Visualization Online Tool (PIVOT) facilitates enhanced monitoring, control and visibility

Schedule analytics and simulation
Independent review of project schedule quality and completeness prepared by PMC/ contractors and probabilistic assessment of completion with multiple scenarios

Time and cost optimization frameworks
Our repository of time and cost optimization levers have been tested and implemented in various projects. These levers include: productivity benchmarking and interface management, among others

Enterprise and Project Level framework
KPMG’s Enterprise and Project Level Framework contextualizes the entire life-cycle of the project from an enterprise perspective, highlighting the concept of “doing the right project” until implementation stage “doing the project right”

Major Projects Advisory tool
Benchmarking of the project delivery framework and controls vis-àvis leading practices across approximately 200 project controls. This is achieved through KPMG’s proprietary IT tool, Major Projects Advisor