Today’s context is a daunting one for cities. The hurdles are multiple and often inter-related: relatively high energy costs, inflation and interest rates; a lack of skilled workers; rising inequality in income and social inclusion; and mass migration. Additional, existential threats (climate change, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI), and global or regional conflict) may lead to the perception of ‘perma-crisis’, a continual state of disruption.

City-specific problems, particularly in the first and third worlds (but less so in emerging countries), include: declining physical infrastructure, homelessness, lack of affordable housing, small business jeopardy, lack of green spaces, and lack of reliable broadband.

This KPMG paper, the Future of Cities and Urban Economic Growth, is published in collaboration with the World Government Summit. It aims to provide practical advice for city leaders, administrators, and stakeholders engaged in citizen-centric urban planning geared towards sustainability, resilience, safety, inclusivity, and cultural vibrancy.

It was inspired by questions arising from discussions carried out at the KPMG Centre of Excellence for Infrastructure and Cities (Toronto) and builds on previous reports: KPMG-WGS papers in the Future of Cities series, Principles for Digital Transformation in Cities (2022) and Perspectives on Government Services, Cities, and Technology (2019).

Our experts examine these questions head-on:

  • What are the most successful practices for constructing robust urban identities that attract investment and talent?
  • How can smart city technologies best be selected, financed, and deployed to serve community interests?
  • Which supply chain management approaches ensure optimal security and resiliency to stimulate urban economic growth?
  • What working practices are optimal?
  • Which forms of finance and incentives are desirable for development?

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