• How to Undertake ‘Smart Digitalization’
  • Setting the Stage - Cities and their ‘Citizen-Customers’
  • The Move Towards ‘Smart Digitalization'

Our latest Future of cities report, launched in collaboration with the World Government Summit, highlights the realization of ‘smart digitalization’ and how it differs across cities. It can range from the adoption of basic automation technologies that facilitate public services to advanced analytics that anticipate challenges in infrastructure development. If deployed appropriately, smart digitalization should not look the same in any two cities.

Underpinning all smart digitalization plans are clear goals to guide funding, defined action plans, focused leadership, and transparency. This blueprint should be adapted to local requirements and ‘citizen-customer’ needs, which results in a differing manifestation from city to city. Promoting service optimization, responsive delivery and end-to-end citizen-customer journeys must be the new norm for municipal services.

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