For every organization to survive risks causing widespread impact, there is a need for robust crisis management capabilities that can address the disaster effectively. ISO 22361 provides guidelines on how an organization can manage a crisis successfully and align with the international best practices.

Building business resilience: guidance on building resilience through key factors such as leadership commitment, effective decision-making, understanding the needs and expectations of the interested parties, and cultivating preparedness for potentials risks.

Alignment with strategic objectives: the standard emphasizes the importance of developing crisis management capabilities aligning with the firm’s overall objectives. This sets the foundation for the roles, responsibilities and allocation of resources to meet the strategic objectives and core values of the organization.

Legal and regulatory requirements: adherence to legal and regulatory requirements to prevent incidents from escalating to a poorly managed crisis, and reducing operational and reputational damage on the organizations.

The role of crisis leadership: an effective approach to senior management involves responding to actions in a stressful environment and tackling the situation through effective leadership, strategic decision making and commitment.

Learning and competences: detailed guidelines on the need for periodic training and exercises that can contribute to adequate skills and competences. This learning approach addresses crisis in an effective manner that safeguards the interest of the firm and its people. 

How KPMG’s unique crisis management and business continuity model can address your needs


With a combination of NCEMA’s requirements on developing planned responses within business continuity management and the requirements of ISO 22361:2022, KPMG offers a unique solution to both integrate the standards and provide a robust framework that can enable your organization to build resilience and enhance crisis preparedness.

Our solution complies with best practice standards for crisis management and business continuity and can be tailored to your operations.


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