About CFO Club

The CFO Club is an exclusive series of 60-minute sessions hosted at premier venues in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The forum aims to connect KPMG subject matter experts with leading CFOs across the UAE.

With the changing business environment, digitalization and the ‘simplification’ of finance, there are many topics that are relevant to CFOs. In these sessions, KPMG and select guest speakers will initiate thought-provoking discussions and facilitate meaningful conversations based on key priorities, challenges, and concerns.

What value will you gain from the CFO Club?

The CFO Club will enable you to identify:

  1. Trends based on key priorities - thought provoking discussions on a range of areas including the economic outlook and financial markets business trends.
  2. Actionable insight from KPMG experts - helping CFOs tackle challenges, manage complexities and make a greater impact in their organizations.
  3. Steps to stay ahead of growing challenges and demands - delivering fresh insight and innovative solutions to transform the finance function.
What are the added benefits of being a member?

After each session, attendees will gain access to the CFO Club website, which will:

  • Serve as a live up-to-date repository for KPMG’s publications and relevant thought leadership.
  • Provide details of upcoming CFO Club events, other relevant KPMG forums and links to register interest.
  • Offer the option to vote for and suggest topics for future CFO Club events. 
  • Offer ongoing access to international financial reporting standards (IFRS) updates and slides.
  • Allow access to material, further relevant information, and updates from past CFO Club events.
  • Connect attendees to a wide range of highly qualified KPMG professionals for ongoing support and conversation.

Through this initiative, we hope to facilitate learning and understanding, address key priorities and concerns and establish and strengthen relationships between KPMG and CFOs across the UAE.

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