Demographic changes, new regulations aimed at improving transparency and the rise of technology means that financial services organizations need to become increasingly focused on the customer.

Sustainable success is not simply a case of responding to individual challenges, but dealing with all these challenges in a holistic way while also looking to the future. Customers need to have confidence in our financial systems. They need to feel that they are protected. They need to receive the right product at the right time. Only then will they have the confidence needed for the economy to flourish.

Regulation has constant impact on the sector. While driving trust and transparency for customers and governments, it can also add to operating costs. Regulators tend to focus on procedures, systems and inputs, not on outcomes.

Technology is driving change across banking, insurance and investment management companies. Customers expect to receive tailored products and access them however they want. Improved data and analytics is making this possible. More people than ever have access to financial products.

We help clients navigate the increasingly complicated financial landscape towards a prosperous future. KPMG’s dedicated financial services practice in the UAE offers access to various key financial marketplaces. It delivers leading practice advice and recommendations through an up-to-the-minute understanding of the vital issues facing the local and international financial services industries.

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