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  • Sudhir Arvind

    Sudhir Arvind: Partner,

    Sudhir Arvind is a partner at KPMG.

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  • Charles-batchelor

    Charles Batchelor: Partner, Accounting and Finance

    Charles is an advisory Partner specializing in accounting and financial services. He worked in KPMG UK for 15 years before joining KPMG Lower Gulf. He has been involved in consulting on financial reporting for over 20 years, focusing on transaction accounting and complex financial reporting projects. Charles has provided accounting support and advisory on the IFRS implications of transactions. He has prepared carve-out financial statements for various prominent clients, meeting IFRS and US GAAP requirements. Charles also has extensive experience in training and consulting with businesses on their accounting policies. He has trained finance and non-finance professionals on all aspects of IFRS from a technical standpoint and a broader business perspective.

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  • Siddharth Behal

    Siddharth Behal: Partner, Managed Services & Internal Audit Risk & Compliance Services

    Siddharth Behal is a partner at KPMG.

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  • David Fernley

    David Fernley: Director, International Tax

    David Fernley is a director at KPMG Lower Gulf.

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  • Daniel Galambos

    Daniel Galambos: Manager,

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  • Yusuf Hassan

    Yusuf Hassan: Partner, Accounting Advisory Services

    Yusuf Hassan is the Head of Department of Professional Practice (DPP) in the Middle East and South Asia region.

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  • Mazen Houalla

    Mazen Houalla: Partner, Finance, Economy, Social and Education

    Mazen Houalla is a Partner with KPMG Lower Gulf and Head of the Public Sector Advisory...

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  • Avtar Jalif

    Avtar Jalif: Partner, Head of Transport and Logistics

    Avtar Jalif is an audit partner with extensive experience in providing audit services to clients in the consumer and industrial sectors...

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  • Eric Janowak

    Eric Janowak: Director, Asset Management Tax practice

    Eric is a Managing Director in KPMG’s Asset Management Tax practice in New York.

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  • kelly-martin

    Kelly Martin: Director, Audit Advisory Services

    Kelly is an expert accounting advisor for energy businesses, having supported some of KPMG’s largest global clients on IFRS 15 and IFRS 16 adoption.

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  • Dimitrios Petropoulos

    Dimitrios Petropoulos: Partner, Partner | Digital and Innovation – Cyber

    Dimitrios is a partner in Digital and Innovation – Cyber at KPMG

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  • Maliha Rashid

    Maliha Rashid: Director, Data Privacy Lead, Digital & Innovation - Cyber

    Maliha Rashid is a Director at KPMG Lower Gulf.

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  • Bhaskar Sahay

    Bhaskar Sahay: Partner, Advisory Services

    Bhaskar Sahay is an Associate Partner with KPMG Lower Gulf, where he has been instrumental in establishing the Accounting Advisory Services.

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  • Namita Selhi

    Namita Selhi: Associate Director, Associate Director, Accounting & Finance

    Namita is an Associate Director in Accounting & Finance at KPMG

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  • Tareq Wehbe

    Tareq Wehbe: Partner, Defense, Public Safety, Security, Ports and Customs

    Defense, Public Safety, Security, Ports and Customs

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  • Maryam Zaman

    Maryam Zaman: Partner, Head of Corporate Governance

    Maryam Zaman is a partner at KPMG.

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