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ENR Tax offers a wide range of tax services to clients in the energy & natural resources industry.

ENR Tax offers a wide range of tax services to clients in the energy industry.

KPMG's Tax Services to the ENR Industry:

Mining Tax Services

Mining is undergoing intense growth worldwide. Rising prices and rising demand from developing countries are igniting an investment boom, accelerating consolidation, and encouraging new, more global business models.

Tax incentives for research, development and exploration are becoming so substantial, they can now make the difference between a viable or non-viable project.

Our member firms have the global reach and the industry knowledge needed to advise global clients in multiple locations. We can help your mining company design, develop and manage efficient international tax planning strategies to face almost any global tax challenge.

In the South African context, the current uncertainty and practical hardship caused by the non-deductibility of rehabilitation insurance premiums within the mining industry, requires a  levelling the playing field. 

Oil & Gas Tax Services

For companies in the oil and gas sector, our firms understand the vital importance of the remitability of profits. We recognize the growing tax management challenge associated with the geographical mismatch between cash-generating and cash-consuming territories. We realize the need to protect intellectual property in the form of brands, processes and technical know-how.

Power & Utilities Tax Services

The power and utilities industry ― electricity generation, electricity and gas transmission and distribution, renewable energy sources and the water industry ― is one of the most tightly regulated and closely scrutinized sectors. As international consolidation spreads through this sector, global approaches to tax management are crucial. The industry is also at the center of worldwide debates about climate change, nuclear power and alternative energy.

For more information, contact Muhammad Saloojee (Head of Mining Tax) or Adele Da Jager (Director: Corporate Tax)

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