KPMG's Africa Cyber Security Outlook 2022 Survey

14 September 2022 – KPMG Africa today launched the Africa Cyber Security Outlook 2022 survey which unpacks the state of cybersecurity across the continent - highlighting that the cyber landscape in Africa is highly dynamic and rapidly evolving – propelled by widespread digitisation and matched by adequate investments in protecting assets and data from cyber threats. In fact, 74% of Africa’s large companies reported a relatively mature approach to privacy and cyber security.

“While the African continent continues to face many challenges including poverty and political conflicts, multiple economies in the region have shown tremendous growth with a number of countries demonstrating rapid post-pandemic recovery with increased consumption and adoption of digital technologies at grassroot level,” says John Anyanwu, Partner and Head of Cyber Security at KPMG Nigeria & Africa Cyber Lead.

The survey has identified key areas of focus for Africa including the integration of cyber security into core business strategy, more robust and risk-focused regulation, proactive threat identification and defense, and a focus on the cyber talent pool.