KPMG 2022 CEO Outlook South Africa edition: Potential growth in uncertain times


14 November 2022 – This annual report, which is globally driven, draws on the perspectives of 1,325 CEOs across 11 markets to provide insight into their three-year outlook on the business and economic landscapes - including South Africa.

The latest edition, which examined the global pandemic, inflationary pressures, and geopolitical tensions, still speak to some positive outcomes with local CEOs stating that they are already mitigating any anticipated recession risks by focusing on technology, talent, and ESG to shape their progress over the next three years. In fact, the KPMG CEO Outlook Survey revealed that six out of 10 local executives believe the most important growth objectives over the next three years are organic growth (i.e., innovation, Research and Development (R&D), capital investments, new products, and recruitment) as well as strategic alliances with third parties. A promising 72% of local executives have already taken steps to boost productivity in preparation for anticipated recession, indicating CEOs are cautiously focused on future opportunities during such uncertainty.