KPMG's Pulse of Fintech

6 September 2022 – Global fintech market resilient in H1’22 - $107.8 billion in investment, according to KPMG’s Pulse of Fintech.

Global fintech investment declined from $111.2 billion in H2’21 to $107.8 billion in H1’22 but remained remarkably resilient compared to historical trends given the challenges affecting the broader investment market, including geopolitical uncertainty, growing inflation, and increasing interest rates.

According to the H1’22 edition of KPMG’s Pulse of Fintech, the Asia-Pacific region saw total fintech investment more than double - from $19.2 billion in H2’21 to a record $41.8 billion in H1’22 - with the $27.9 billion acquisition of Australia-based Afterpay by Block accounting for more than half of this total. Meanwhile, both the Americas and EMEA regions saw fintech investment dip - from $59.7 billion to $39.4 billion and from $31.6 billion to $26.6 billion respectively.

VC investment also declined between H2’21 and H1’22 - from $66.5 billion to $52.6 billion. Compared to all periods outside of 2021, the amount was incredibly robust. The Americas accounted for the largest amount of VC funding ($27.2 billion), while EMEA set a new record high for a six-month period ($16.6 billion), led by the world’s two largest raises during the period: a $1.1billion raise by Germany-based Trade Republic and a $1 billion raise by UK-based

The payments space remained lucrative in H1’22, with $43.6 billion of investment. Despite major market challenges, crypto and blockchain attracted the second highest amount of funding from a sector perspective ($14.2 billion).