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Across the board, insurers have reflected on how they have had to navigate one of the most difficult periods in history over the last few years – from COVID-19, load shedding and local and global economic impacts, to navigating the adoption of ESG practices and principles and the continued advent of unpredictable and exacerbated natural catastrophe events.

However, many insurers in this country can be proud of how they stack up with their best-in-class international peers. Insurers continue to innovate and introduce technology into their business processes as they pursue excellence in client service.

The theme coming out of the 2023 KPMG insurance industry survey is "The Power of Human". This is of relevance to the insurance industry as at the core of the industry's success is the human touch. The importance of you and I as individuals, as human beings to be able to connect, build meaningful relationships, and create trust. This is our superpower - the power of relationships. Our presence can make experiences feel significant, inspire moral behavior and encourage action.

With this in mind, we have produced our 2024 insurance training calendar, which we hope will inspire you to continue to find innovative ways to adapt in times of consistent uncertainty. We look forward to continuing to interact, building relationships, and share our technical expertise with you through a combination of in-person and online training courses.

Through the 2024 suite of courses we are offering, we demonstrate our passion for the insurance industry, our commitment to quality industry training, and our support to the industry in its journey. 

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