Africa Cyber Security Outlook

2022 report

While the African continent continues to face many challenges including poverty and political conflict, multiple economies in the region have shown tremendous growth. Numerous countries have demonstrated a rapid post-pandemic recovery with an increase in consumption and adoption of digital technologies at the grassroot level.

Whilst these technologies have enabled faster growth, they have also led to challenges related to cyber security. Research reports suggest that African enterprises are a favourite target for cyber attackers. The cyber security landscape across the African continent is highly dynamic and is rapidly evolving, propelled by widespread digitalisation across business sectors.

While regaining strength in the aftermath of COVID-19, organisations have been forced to rethink their ways of working while leveraging digital initiatives, aimed at streamlining operations and ensuring business continuity. However, this drive for digitisation remains to be matched by adequate investments in protecting assets and data from cyber threats. Realising the importance of digitalisation and increased risk of data breaches, various governments are rapidly introducing legislation and adopting frameworks to ensure consumer privacy and data security for protecting public interest.

All these factors, combined with an everexpanding threat horizon, create a perfect storm for organisations that are forced to meticulously measure the opportunity cost of every investment in a world of economic uncertainty. Organisations are rebuilding their cyber strategies to meet these demands and to ensure integrity and resilience of operations.

Furthermore, with the increasing risk in digital supply chains, new risk mitigation initiatives are being strategised by organisations globally. Agile cyber security measures enhance an organisation’s risk resilience, thus enabling organisations to harness new opportunities for revenue growth and business success. It is against this backdrop that we have the privilege of presenting our inaugural Africa Cyber Security Outlook report, exploring the nature of the cyber challenges faced by organisations in our continent and seeking solutions through a uniquely African lens.