Tax Reimagined

There is no shortage of challenges and opportunities facing today’s tax functions. Carrying on as in the past is not a viable option. You need to be ready to be compliant and ready for the changing digital future of tomorrow. Tax is your license to do business. Tax Reimagined is the discussion you need to have now. 


The Challenge.

The volume and pace of change in the tax environment is unprecedented. Complex and uncertain times need different tools and skills to manage the business of tax. Yet, investment has lagged behind. Your workload has increased while your resources have diminished. You need to not only be compliant today but ready for the digital world of tomorrow. Meanwhile the business continues to demand tax support. What’s the answer?

A global pharmaceutical company with a presence spanning over 95 countries needed help to develop a new tax operating model. The high cost of compliance and escalating regulatory challenge needed new thinking. The in-house compliance team was not well integrated into the finance function and the cost of investing in new tax technology infrastructure was considered too high. Using our Tax Reimagined approach, we helped the client determine their optimum delivery model and provided the necessary challenge to build the business case for change.