Global megatrend #7: Climate change

Global megatrend #7: Climate change

The trend of climate change as outlined in KPMG’s Future State 2030 series on the global megatrends impacting governments.

Climate change

Is government doing enough to reduce C02 emissions in our country

How will government help maintain affordable insurances and asset protection for my home and business as weather gets more extreme?

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Rising greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) are causing climate change and driving a complex mix of unpredictable changes to the environment while further taxing the resilience of natural and built systems. Achieving the right combination of adaptation and mitigation policies will be difficult for most governments.

The complexity and uncertainty associated with climate change often paralyzes government action at the national and international levels. However, combating climate change will require unprecedented levels of multilateral cooperation to prevent the worst effects of rising CO2 levels in the next century. This will also require immediate efforts to 'climate-proof' communities for the effects of climate change that are already locked-in.

Future State 2030

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