Terry Ratlabala

Management Assistant Intern

KPMG in South Africa

Terry is an intern in Experience hires (HR) and Transformation.

Terry is an Experience hires (HR) and Transformation intern, the BU plays an important role in the firm. Experience Hires:

·  Advertising job posts

·  Shortlisting CV’s

·  Doing MIE Checks for the people who are being hired

· Hiring on a Taleo system

·  Doing interviews

· to provide more career opportunities


·  to implement an equal gender base empowerment.

·  to implement an equal race empowerment in the firm.

·  to implement a good and health environment for disable people in the firm so they feel free in every way.

  • Conducting MIE Checks so that we don’t hire criminals.

  • Change the firm to a warm home where disable people do they best because they are capable for doing they best for the firm.

  • Creating opportunities for people who have the experience.