Signify Innovations India Limited is renowned for financially sustainable, energy-efficient state-of-the-art lighting solutions. However, one area where it needed to boost its capability was to handle trade promotions and enable its channel partners with a digital solution for real-time information. The manual drill left behind an array of complications, including lack of transparency in payouts, gaps in audits, delays and leakages etc.

Digital enablement powered by MS Dynamics and Azure platforms allowed for an easy access to details, such as applicable trade promotions, scheme eligibility etc. It also allowed faster incentives, real-time visibility and simplified audit trails for all exception approvals.

The result? KPMG in India and Signify successfully collaborated in establishing a digital platform that brought the entire organization and customers together. This boosted business operations and revenue by plugging gaps in manual intervention resulting in an improved customer experience.

Is it time to change the way you think about technology?

Moving from a Manual Excel environment to a completely automated system not only increased the transparency across stakeholders and increased the accuracy of the rebate cycle, it also significantly reduced time for my team to focus on other business deliverables which could enhance the brand imagery in market.

Vinay Dangi
Finance Controller (Signify)