Do you have line of sight into the financial reporting risks impacting your business?

Have you designed and implemented appropriate controls to manage these risks? Do you have confidence that your financial controls are operating effectively across your business? These are some of the questions that organizations should be asking themselves, to establish and maintain an effective financial control framework that efficiently mitigates risk. It can be challenging, and at KPMG we have helped many clients rise to this challenge.

A tool that can fit into your existing risk management framework

We understand that good businesses expend significant effort in establishing and maintaining internal control frameworks. Many are highly manual and require significant human resources to administer. When digital solutions are pursued to mitigate this, implementations can be costly and disrupt the IT ecosystem. The KPMG Controls Assessment Tool shares our experience and makes the necessary process much easier. It does this by rapidly deploying KPMG’s leading internal control methodology through a low-effort digital workflow. The tool provides a suite of leading practice control libraries that have been developed over decades of compliance experience at your fingertips.

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