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“Many organizations struggle with defining where to start their technology transformation journey. KPMG specialists are positioned to help clients step by step with our industry experience and relationships with some of the world’s leading technology providers."

Amardeep Johar, Partner, National Market Strategy Leader, Enterprise Solutions, KPMG in Canada, talks to us about how he is making the difference by helping organizations unlock the power of cloud technology.

What is your core area of expertise?

Amardeep Johar: I help organizations with implementation of large transformation programs where technology is a key enabler. Currently, I lead the market strategy for Enterprise Solutions, as well as the KPMG Powered Enterprise practice for KPMG in Canada, which is a KPMG technology solution designed for clients who are transforming their business functions by moving to the cloud.

Moving the HR, procurement or finance function to the cloud is a complex process, but also an opportunity to unlock powerful outcomes: connecting people to data, driving efficiencies, and future-proofing the business.

I work with the Canadian firm’s clients through their cloud journey to help them get to their target operating state, so that the systems migration is not just a lift-and-shift move, but an opportunity to create more value for their business using technology.

How do you personally make a difference in your role?

Amardeep Johar: I am a big believer in methodology, and I have seen various models in my experience. I find that KPMG Powered Enterprise gives us a structured way to deliver and accelerate those complex transformation programs.

I have been around in the technology industry for a long time, working in different geographies in a wide range of environments: from old legacy systems to brand new cloud technology. So, my experience has been quite advantageous and diverse.

I’m excited to bring cloud technologies implementations and optimizations through KPMG Powered Enterprise to organizations to help them unlock the powerful outcomes that cloud can bring.

What is KPMG Powered Enterprise?

Amardeep Johar: KPMG Powered Enterprise is a functional transformation methodology which comes with a set of frameworks, target operating models, process diagrams, and maps – providing a blueprint for an organization to follow as they move to the cloud.

For example, this could be the procurement department in a bank, or an HR function in a branch of a government. KPMG member firms around the world have the sector and technology experience to advise organizations via these blueprints and process maps what the end state could be. This is so organizations can see the direction on day one as they start their migration journey.

We then help the client through the migration process by providing the right technology components and specialist support, including how to maintain and upgrade the new environment over time.

In these types of engagements, KPMG member firms frequently work with a technology provider to deliver the underlying technology. Many of these organizations are KPMG alliances.

Amardeep Johar
Amardeep Johar

What do you see as the key factors making transformation programs successful?

Amardeep Johar: The largest success factor and one of the primary areas of focus should be around the organization’s mindset in transforming to cloud. Which means that organizations must think of the business objective angle first.

Let’s say that the client is moving from a legacy platform, and we are working to implement the cloud journey. The first thing we need to do is look at the business desired target operating model and see how the business can adapt to the cloud? If there are gaps then KPMG professionals work with client teams on addressing them so that we can confidently take the organization through their cloud-enabled transformation journey.

The second area is commitment to structure and discipline. This is where KPMG Powered Enterprise brings the structured approach: phase by phase, do the early validation, and then deploy.

I would say that when organizations account for this, the success rate is very high. Essentially, thinking business first and then worrying about technology is the right mantra for a successful digital transformation outcome.

What are some ways KPMG firms can help clients understand the return on investment (ROI) we deliver?

Amardeep Johar: The Powered Enterprise methodology enables clients to clearly define their Target Operating Model, and KPMG professionals can help them reach the desired state in 30 to 50% less time than a bottom-up approach. Our Target Operating Model method is structured, working with the end in mind, and therefore can help organizations get early buy-in, early sign-offs, early alignment – which in turn can reduce the duration of the program.

A second example is with KPMG Powered industry and business function assets. For instance, KPMG in Canada‘s Powered Airport offering can reduce the cost of similar implementation by about 35 to 40%. That is a proven metric that we have recently deployed at an international airport. The assets, methodology, and the structure we bring is designed to provide a robust outcome, offering certainty, and cost savings.

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