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Mass matters such as customer claims, contract revocations or complaints increasingly confront many companies and legal departments with challenges in terms of both time and organization.

In addition to assessing complex legal issues, affected companies often struggle with the necessary efficient handling of such situations that requires an adequate process set-up and project management as well as the use of technology where possible and appropriate.

Against this background, these companies are looking for a reliable partner who can handle mass proceedings effectively and in a resource-saving manner.

How KPMG Law can help

The KPMG Law team of over 3,000 lawyers in 85 jurisdictions worldwide have experience handling mass procedures efficiently, resulting in cost-savings. Our experience ranges from the management of more than 35,000 litigation procedures, 50,000 claims in an insolvency case and up to 15,000 customer complaints.

We implement projects for the management of mass proceedings in three phases.

1. Planning: A comprehensive scalability analysis and preparation of a project plan form the basis of the project implementation.

2. Set-up and implementation: The overall processes, workflows and respective instructions that are necessary for the efficient handling of the procedures are set up.  Technology is implemented to automate certain steps, regularly using robotic process automation, document automation, optical character recognition (OCR) scanning and artificial intelligence.

3. Case management: Cases are handled by a team of KPMG Law professionals including lawyers, project managers and administrative staff as necessary. 

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Mass matters

Learn more about how KPMG Law helps with the management of mass proceedings through three phases - planning, set-up and implementation, and case management.

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