KPMG Ready for Assurance service can help you determine whether your organization has the necessary preconditions for ESG assurance, to help assure ESG information in the future. These measurements need to be clear and specific enough, and whether the evidence is available and supports the criteria expected to be used to measure it.

KPMG Ready for Assurance service can help assess whether your business is ready for full ESG assurance: it is the first step in your ESG assurance journey. It is also a service that can be performed on new information that is added to your disclosures and as your ESG agenda and strategies mature.


Read Mike Shannon’s, Global Head of ESG Assurance latest blog for details on the service offering and his thoughts on the commonly asked questions below.


ESG is an increasingly high priority for everyone – investors, stakeholders, regulators and customers. Gaining assurance over the ESG information your business discloses is an essential part of the process, and will likely also be a regulatory requirement, giving your disclosures credibility so that they are trusted by the market.

There is debate in some quarters over whether ESG assurance should be delivered by an organization’s auditor or by a third party. In today’s world, financial and non-financial information is increasingly inter-related – having responsibilities over assuring them separated would dilute the value to stakeholders in how the information is presented.

KPMG Ready for Assurance service is geared toward audit clients where we expect to assure. For non-audit clients, KPMG Advisory resources can assist you in getting ready for your ESG reporting.


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