Bringing together brilliant minds from around the world, KPMG celebrated the United Nations' World Creativity and Innovation Day with two days of rapid ideation, design and prototyping. Hosted alongside bp, Microsoft and the University of Cambridge, the Digital Future of Work Innovation Challenge and Hackathon tasked teams with devising and developing new digital solutions to improve the way we work - in just 48 hours. 

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A hybrid hackathon that tackled the future of work

Our Digital Future of Work Hackathon on 21-22 April 2022 united professionals, researchers and innovators. The big challenge? To find new ways to promote full and productive employment and sustained, inclusive growth. All in the spirit of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goal: `Decent work and economic growth.' Each of seven teams brainstormed, prototyped and developed solutions to make a lasting impact.

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The future of work, reimagined

The hackathon teams set out to identify and solve the real challenges of this new era of work, exploring questions like:

  • What technologies will employees and employers need in the future? 
  • How do we break down the barriers to truly global working with people in different time zones and territories? 
  • How do we bring the benefits of a face-to-face experience into the digital world?
  • How do we create a sense of culture and belonging in the hybrid workplace?

The aim was to bring different people - different minds - together, connecting people from different organizations.

Roni Michael
Global Head of Innovation
KPMG International

Meet the teams: Work reimagined, in two days


— Cookie-cutter job descriptions and inflexible offers aren't working. This team's tool uses relevant insights to refine job requirements and provides candidates will clarity on potential career paths, and tailors offers to attract top talent.

— Visual learners, non-native speakers and just-plain-tired employees need support. This group designed a way to level the playing field, using Microsoft Teams and AI to turn speech to engaging, universal symbols - instantly.

— In the war for talent, employers are racing to offer better benefits - but many employees miss out on perks. This team designed a chatbot to give perfectly timed reminders about everything from discounts to mental health support

— It's time for home working, without the isolation. And for office working, with a creative edge. This team set out to rethink the `workplace', with ready-to-rent VR spaces that help hybrid companies collaborate and socialise.

— Many management tasks are repetitive: employees wait for support on simple queries or organizational issues. This team built a chatbot to speed things up. The tool provides answers to most questions in seconds, freeing up managers.

— Top talent want a flexible future - but top leadership have rigid targets. This team set out to resolve that conflict, with a platform that lets employees freelance within the corporate environment, while delivering on a firm's top priorities.

— 50% of employees feel burned out, so work-life balance is now a make-or-break for businesses. This team designed a platform which integrates AI assistants, helping employees take back control and put `life' first.

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