The world has always been in a constant state of change and the rate of change has been boosted by technology. Not only do we need to adapt - we need to innovate. Around the world, KPMG professionals are using technology and innovative thinking to tackle their clients' biggest issues to help them shape their future. KPMG professionals work with clients, technology alliances, start-ups, governments, non-for-profit organizations among others - helping to bring their ideas to life with the purpose of making a positive impact.

Shaping 2040 - A vision for the future

The next generation of leaders step into 2040 and describe the landscape.



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Four people discussing a project

Person using VR

The future of the metaverse and Extended Reality

XR is a new frontier of converging technologies shaping the metaverse.



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Back from 2040

A podcast of global innovators back from 2040



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Purple light abstract

Woman running

Blazing the trail to sustainability

Woman entrepreneurs who are changing the world for the better.



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