The world is facing ongoing economic, social and political challenges, including recovery from a series of economic shocks and a global pandemic. Governments are re-conceptualizing their role as market stewards, while industries are pursuing new partnership and growth models. Investors are looking for sustainable value.

To meet this new reality, economies will likely need to transform. Governments should consider the right mix of incentives, infrastructure, and regulatory structures to attract business and investors. We believe the most successful regions will combine these elements into a coherent industry policy that encourages entrepreneurialism, place-based growth, and integration into global value chains.

Meanwhile, businesses should look globally to find the right locations for their operations and the right partners to develop, whether they be in the public, private or not-for-profit sector.

KPMG firms offer access to global expertise and solutions that can help facilitate economic growth. Our services span:

  • Global economic competitiveness
  • Business enabling environment
  • Investment attraction
  • Industrial development
  • Entrepreneurship ecosystem development
  • Global trade and tax

This global context allows KPMG firms to bring leading practices to clients and connect them with potential allies around the world.

KPMG professionals can assist government clients in developing strategies to improve their economic growth ranking frameworks, helping to make them a more attractive investment destination.

Our Global Programs Rankings Advisory services can identify strengths and weaknesses, provide clients with a roadmap for addressing areas of focus, and support with implementation of the relevant measures.

KPMG firms provide advisory services to assist clients in improving their local business environment. We can identify best practice policy and regulatory responses to challenges such as ease of doing business, sectorial industry policies, institutional strengthening and infrastructure investment.

KPMG professionals can provide perspectives on industry best practice innovation, while local teams are immersed in the unique features of the economies in which they work.

Innovation is a key to future economic growth. KPMG firms' services span the spectrum of support for the entrepreneurial ecosystem, from national strategies to incubation and acceleration of start-ups, creation of digital hubs, regulatory reform and fund management.

As markets rapidly evolve, different sectors may require different enablers to super-charge growth.

KPMG sectoral experts can advise on the right enabling environment for a variety of sectors, covering global integration and value chain assessment, enterprise development special investment/economic zones, and spatial growth.

Investment is the key driver of new economic growth. Regions are now competing in a global economy and must provide a compelling value proposition to attract the investors they need.

KPMG firms a suite of investment attraction services, covering promotion, facilitation, realization and retention. KPMG professionals can identify the required underpinning infrastructure and offer location advisory services to industries looking for a home base or governments looking to attract them.

Trade and tax are key differentiators in a globally integrated economy. KPMG professionals can assess a region’s current state as an investment destination and offer a range of services designed to help improve it.

These services include trade policy, reform and integration, trade performance, trade facilitation agreement support, trade logistics advice, diagnostic services, and economic modelling.


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