In the wake of COVID-19, most organizations will face ongoing challenges in terms of managing cash and liquidity, stabilizing the business to weather lingering economic uncertainty, and planning for long-term revival of the business.

Organizations facing performance issues often find it difficult to differentiate the symptoms from the cause, and this will be exacerbated by the unknown of the post-COVID environment. For many organizations, reestablishing an optimal capital structure will require new restructuring solutions.

A typical restructuring cycle


Tax and Legal Restructuring Services Graphic

Together, KPMG Global Legal Services and Deal Advisory, M&A Tax professionals deliver integrated restructuring services to companies, creditors, investors and other stakeholders to preserve and help optimize value for those who are experiencing operational and liquidity challenges across all sectors and market segments.

We provide prompt and strategic assessment of your situation, followed by developing tailor-made solutions and recommending approaches for your tax and legal considerations in line with long-term business goals.

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