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A semi-annual magazine providing local, regional and global perspectives on key issues facing today's global infrastructure industry.

In this edition of Insight, we asked our global network of infrastructure professionals...

Infrastructure is firmly at the top of government agendas. It’s the lynchpin of political platforms; the hope for sluggish economies; the unifier of regional diversity; the solution to climate change; an instrument for social change.

The problem is that — over the past few years in particular — the rules of the game have changed. As this edition of Insight magazine clearly illustrates, the traditional approaches to infrastructure delivery have been disrupted. And this is creating massive opportunities for some, but also significant risks for many.

In this edition of Insight magazine, we have focused on highlighting both the good and the bad of globalization. We hope to inspire some leaders to emulate the good and catalyze others to stamp out the bad. Moreover, we hope to clearly articulate the real and fundamental benefits that globalization can bring in this new world order and at the same time highlight some of the risks.

Explore these themes by reading the articles on this page or downloading the full report (PDF 2.5 MB).

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