An uncertain age: reimagining long term care in the 21st century

An uncertain age: reimagining long term care in...

Few if any societies have truly faced up to the magnitude of the long term elderly care crisis. If this system fails it will have devastating consequences for elderly individuals, their families, the economy and wider society. Without swift action, such a gloomy outlook is probable rather than possible.


Compared to other areas of healthcare, long term elderly care has received very little attention. Therefore, as part of its mission to foster excellence in eldercare, the Lien Foundation commissioned KPMG to research the existing state of long term care and look at innovative new models of best practice that can meet the rapidly increasing demand with available financial, human and physical resources.

We believe that this paper is one of the most comprehensive studies of its type, but the ideas and examples only represent small steps forward. Our aim is to stimulate wider dialogue between governments, private and non-profit stakeholders, to inspire innovation and change attitudes and policies.

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