Ank van Wylick

Partner Advisory, FinTech lead

KPMG in the Netherlands

Ank has more than 20 years of experience with a focus on business transformations triggered by innovation. As an Innovation Advisory partner & FinTech lead at KPMG Netherlands she supports organizations in their ambition to build their innovation capability and BE innovative. Innovation Advisory consists of two key aspects: To Organize Innovation and To Execute Innovation. Being able to innovate with startups and build communities is an example of the Innovation Advisory work. Ank has built a career developing, shaping and deploying successful Top Line Growth assignments.

Ank is passionate about supporting innovation in financial services. She believes that the industry needs to change and can change. The dynamics in the industry are changing tremendously. Business models are under pressure, technological possibilities create new opportunities as well as threats. According to Ank those who are able to accelerate on innovation will remain relevant. Ank's passion and ambition is based upon deep and long-term work experience at various organizations in the financial industry.

Ank is a member of the international KPMG FinTech community and an active participant in the Dutch KPMG FinTech community. KPMG Netherlands is one of the founding members of Holland FinTech, the Dutch FinTech association.

  • Data and Analytics
  • Innovation
  • Business Design Developing Experts Program, Henley Business School, 2014

  • Top Line Growth, Insead, 2013

  • University Maastricht – Master’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration (honours degree) – 1989

  • Leading KPMG’s activities in TQ (Tech Quarter). TQ is a Techhub for fast growing Tech startups in the heart of Amsterdam. KPMG is one of the founding members together with The Next Web, Google, ABN AMRO Bank and