Kitetsu Takahashi

Associate, Global Strategy Group

KPMG in Japan

After having built a highly successful career in Japan’s civil service, Kitetsu yearned for something different. Strategy consulting seemed an ideal platform for applying his curious nature to real-life problems in the private sector. Kitetsu has had no regrets over the move. Every day he strives to find innovative ways to help clients’ grow their businesses. Recently he worked on a project for a major automotive player, to help them understand the impact of disruptive new technologies and autonomous vehicles on their business. The client was so impressed with KPMG’s strategic insights that they created entirely new budget lines to address these business imperatives. Teamwork means a lot to Kitetsu. In fact, the people he met during his interviews were the main reason he joined KPMG in Japan. Not only were they professional and intellectually curious, but also they were nice people. He also feels that the firm fosters a strong entrepreneurial environment, especially so in the Global Strategy Group, where he’s helping his colleagues with building a new business. The breadth of the job also appeals to Kitetsu. He has to apply himself to a number of different industries, and quickly learn about the unique nature of each sector - which means collaborating with colleagues around the world who have specialized knowledge. In a country renowned for innovation, Kitetsu is helping to plant the seeds of new ideas that will become tomorrow’s winning strategy products and services. Kitetsu’s advice to anyone looking to join the Global Strategy Group is to embrace change and not shy away from asking questions that may lead to new and innovative solutions.

  • Strategy