Mr. Kesavan Sampanthar

Managing Director Innovation

KPMG in the U.S.

Kes Sampanthar, Managing Director Innovation at KPMG's Innovation Lab, is a globally recognized thought leader at the intersection of human experience and technology. His experience spans two decades through the worlds of technology, design, and innovation. He is an award-winning innovator, technologist, and game designer. Recognized as a strategic thinker, Kes has been a consultant to some of the biggest names in the Fortune 500 – Verizon, Viacom, GE, eBay. Over the last decade, his research into neuroscience, game design, behavioral economics and paleoanthropology has resulted in a new approach to creating engaging experiences – Motivational Design. A sought-after speaker in technology, design, and behavioral change, Kes is renowned as one the top thought leaders in Gamification and an active member of TED, presenting his research at TED Active 2012.

  • Advisory
  • Food, Drink and Consumer Goods
  • Retail