Andrew has more than 20 years experience of a wide range of major financial accounting projects, in both the public and private sectors, with a particular focus on the UK rail sector. He currently leads a team which provides accounting advice to clients on a range of transaction and transformation related issues. In addition, Andrew’s accounting advisory group provides detailed support and guidance to clients across a range of deal related issues, including leasing transactions under both IFRS and UK GAAP. Providing guidance and support to the UK’s Highways Agency during its transition from an agency to a new legal entity, Highways England (HE). This included an assessment of the reporting requirements which HE would need to meet under International Financial Reporting Standards. HE is also required to meet efficiency targets over its first five year period, and Andrew is helping the company to determine how it will both meet and report progress against those targets. Leading the team supporting the financial work stream for a number of UK rail franchise bids, including the preparation of bid models and the writing of plans demonstrating how the bidder intends to improve the performance of the particular rail operation. Andrew has worked with Transport for Greater Manchester as it seeks to generate more revenue from commercial opportunities, whether through the use of data, technology, existing real estate assets and advertising. Andrew led KPMG’s financial due diligence activities on behalf of the UK Government (in the form of Directly Operated Railways) during the process of ‘taking back’ the East Coast rail franchise (‘NXEC’) from National Express. This included commenting on ECML fixed asst values and accounting records, assessing the impact of separating the NXEC back office activities from the rest of NX, and helping DfT to create the infrastructure necessary to operate ECML efficiently from Day OneBuy side advice for sales of Porterbrook (2014) and Eversholt Rail (2015), two of the three major rolling stock leasing companies in the UK market. KPMG’s reports covered financial, accounting, commercial, tax and pensions aspects of the businesses being sold. Detailed financial models were also subject to review during the process. Sell side support to the UK Government on the 2014 sale of its stake in Eurostar, the rail service between London and continental Europe.

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