Volker Kang

Senior Manager, Wealth and Asset Management

KPMG Switzerland

Volker Kang studied law at Durham University and finance at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

Volker advises national and international financial services clients in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Volker has extensive industry and consulting experience in the Wealth and Asset Management Sector. He is navigating the regulatory intricacies of Swiss, EU and UK markets. For example, Volker is in charge of projects and legal aspects of Swiss regulatory requirements (e.g. CISA, CISO, FinSA, FinSO, FinIA, FINMA Circulars). He is also engaged in EU and UK regulatory projects relating to UCITS, AIFMD, MiFID II, PRIIP, FCA Consumer Duty requirements and their impact on Swiss financial intermediaries. Additionally, Volker is actively involved in strategic transformation projects of financial institutions.