Cliff Justice

National Leader of Enterprise Innovation

KPMG in the U.S.

Cliff Justice is the KPMG U.S. Leader of Enterprise Innovation where he and his group focus on identifying, developing, and deploying the next generation of technologies and solutions for KPMG and its clients. In this role, Cliff has established an enterprise-wide innovation ecosystem that includes KPMG Studio, a business incubator, accelerator, and Center of Excellence; KPMG Ventures, the strategic investor of choice for startups; External Partnerships, co-innovating with partners, academia, and startups on new solutions for clients; and the Emerging Solutions group focused on emerging technologies such as such as Generative AI, Web3, blockchain, quantum, and extended reality and immersive learning.

Cliff joined KPMG in 2008 and helped establish its U.S. Management Consulting business. In 2011, Cliff led the acquisition and integration of his former firm, EquaTerra, which subsequently established KPMG as one of the world’s largest shared services and outsourcing advisory firms.

Cliff helped develop and execute KPMG strategy in artificial intelligence and automation, as well as the firm’s market facing business in Robotic Process Automation globally. Since then, KPMG has been recognized by analysts and clients as a leader in AI and intelligent automation with a portfolio of relevant client applications.

Cliff is a former entrepreneur and is a recognized authority in global sourcing, emerging technology, and enterprise transformation with 30 years of experience in industry and consulting. More recently he has led the Strategic Growth Investments for KPMG digital capabilities, which include innovations in AI, cloud, blockchain, and automation.

Cliff is an Ambassador to the World Economic Forum’s Village Partnership, devoted to contributing to the development of the Global Collaboration Village and sharing about the potential of virtual reality.