Mr. David Gelb

Global Head R&D Tax Incentives

KPMG Accountants B.V

With 25 years of experience on R&D tax incentives, David Gelb is the Global Head of R&D for KPMG. His global role has involved communications with tax and industry policy officials in many countries regarding their respective R&D tax policy matters. David has also been KPMG Australia's representative for the KPMG Private Enterprise Global Innovative Startups Network, since 2014. He leads the Innovation Practice for KPMG Australia's Tax & Legal Division and was appointed to the Board of KPMG Australia in 2015. David’s experience working with startups includes: high technology, fintech, agritech, IT and digital companies.

  • Retail
  • Tax
  • Bachelor of Economics

  • Bachelor of Law

  • Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria