Vanessa Wolfe-Coote

Partner, Global Strategy Group

KPMG Australia

Vanessa is the lead digital strategy Partner KPMG in Australia. She brings over 20 years of experience in strategy, innovation and transformation from a global perspective (Australia, China, UK, Italy and South Africa). Her diverse industry insight spans healthcare, insurance, banking, education and media.

As a strategic and creative leader of new growth globally, she has identified $2bn+ market value of opportunities for corporate partners with 10+ product and business launches to market. Vanessa has lead significant transformations across both blue chip clients and high growth ventures. She brings deep experience of driving new value through customer-centric digital business and operating models.

Prior to joining KPMG, Vanessa consulted on the impact of emerging technology in the health and disability sectors, and was on the Board of an AI company specializing in emotional intelligence from facial recognition. Vanessa was previously a founding member of Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures in ASPAC, and jointly led its Sydney team and global Strategic Design practice for over three years.

  • Customer and Growth
  • Digital engagement
  • Digital-driven transformation
  • Innovation operating model design
  • Innovation strategy
  • Transformation