John M Budzyna

Managing Director at KPMG in the US, National Leader responsible for Market Development for Alternative Investments

KPMG in the U.S.

John M. Budzyna is a Managing Director at KPMG’s US member firm, and is the National Leader responsible for Market Development for Alternative Investments. Prior to joining KPMG, he was the Chief Executive Officer of Cutting Hedge Consulting Co. LLC, an organization dedicated to providing professional advisory and consulting services to the hedge fund industry. His forty five year career in financial services has encompassed delivering professional services to an extensive range of financial market companies, including hedge funds, commodity pool operators and funds, private equity organizations and venture capital funds.

John is recognized globally as one of the leading spokesmen and consultants to the Alternative Investment Management Industry. He has served as an advisor to financial institutions that are establishing trading operations, asset management businesses, prime brokerage operations or hedge fund administration companies. He frequently assists clients in understanding the various regulatory and structural frameworks and has worked with advisors in establishing domestic and offshore funds in the hedge fund and commodity fund sectors. In his tenure in public accounting, John had been the engagement partner for many  of the leading alternative investment companies in the world.

John was the Chairman and President of Hedge Funds Care, a worldwide charity focused on the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse, John has been active in the organization as one of the three founders and Treasurer since 1998. He received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Global Custodian for his work in the hedge fund industry in November 2005.

John has written a number of articles for leading industry publications and is a featured speaker at many financial industry events. He has lectured throughout the world on business issues facing alternative investment funds.

  • Advisory
  • Alternative Investments
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Services
  • B.A. Economics – Dickinson College