Increased levels of global tax regulations, public scrutiny and adoption of digital technologies are resulting in the transformation of tax functions. Evolving from static, periodic and siloed business units into dynamic, analytical and integrated teams can directly impact your bottom line through cost savings, increased efficiencies and risk reduction.

KPMG professionals have specialized skill sets that combine a deep understanding of technology, technical tax issues and their potential impact on reporting and compliance requirements. These skills, combined with our practical experience, means we can effectively tailor processes and controls to your specific requirements to assist with technology implementation.

When coupled with Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE—a leading software platform for addressing the complexities of tax and compliance—our joint teams offer experienced resources, global reach and strategic thinking to help you achieve increased value through:

  • Time savings
  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced controls and governance
  • Limited risk of audit and fraud exposure
  • Improved resource utilization
  • Faster cycle and close times

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE

KPMG professionals have the global tax and technology knowledge to help you introduce and support the sustainable use of Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE technology. ONESOURCE provides users with the ability to manage all aspects from trial balance and entry-level data to due dates, estimated payments, audits, workflows, and electronic files.

As a Certified Implementer, KPMG member firms can help your company take advantage of any or all of the ONESOURCE suite of tools.

Solution areas

Direct Tax

The experience, industry knowledge and global reach of KPMG member firms, combined with Thomson Reuters’ tax technology, can help your organization turn tax data into valuable business insights, gaining real value from your transactional tax data. You can significantly increase your ability to effectively manage your tax liability and compliance costs, including:

  • Risk mitigation by operating in a more decentralized fashion while maintaining centralized control over data entry and analyses, allowing for improved reporting and decision making.
  • Increased efficiencies gained by reducing the time dedicated to meeting compliance requirements through the enhanced use of automation, data and analytics and integration.

Indirect Tax

KPMG and Thomson Reuters professionals bring together a strong combination of tax and technology knowledge to help your business meet the increasingly complex requirements of global indirect tax reporting and compliance. Our teams can help your business to design, build and maintain the processes and methodologies needed to identify, calculate and report the Sales Tax, Value Added Tax and Goods and Services Tax associated with business activities and to gain greater visibility and real-time information from which you can make better business decisions.

Trade & Customs

KPMG and Thomson Reuters professionals can help you realize the benefits of a having a Global Trade Management (GTM) system. Our extensive global trade experience, combined with Thomson Reuters’ robust technology, can help your business better manage and prepare for the disrupted global marketplace of today through the development and implementation of robust operational practices in such areas as: centralization, trade operations activity, tariff classification, supply chain integration, free trade agreements, and transfer pricing.

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Some or all of the services described herein may not be permissible for KPMG audit clients and their affiliates or related entities.

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