KPMG and SailPoint work together to find the right balance between protecting data and making it accessible enough to support your business growth. Together, our teams can work with you to design, implement, measure, and help improve your information security processes and programs to build a customized cyber strategy. 

KPMG’s experience in helping organizations transform identity management, enabled by SailPoint technology, can help you increase efficiencies, better manage risks and drive down costs, while simultaneously enhancing customer experience to expand revenue opportunities.x

SailPoint technology offers a range of key benefits:

  • A single view of users, accounts and entitlements across applications
  • Rapid identification of access risk areas
  • Simplified user access administration with role-based access
  • Proof of compliance for audit teams
  • Effective detection and prevention of inappropriate access
  • Centralized access certifications across data center, cloud and mobile systems

Solution areas

Identity and Access Management
Identity management is critical to effective security, but a constantly changing environment of users and applications can make it challenging for your business and IT department. Growing cloud usage and mobile access also increase the danger of unauthorized access and the risk of property loss and reputational damage, as well as non-compliance with GDPR and other regulations. Using SailPoint’s market-leading technology, our teams can help you manage the risks related to identity management more effectively, finding the right balance between protecting data and making it accessible to support business growth. KPMG’s Identity and Access Management teams work across industries to help your organization conceptualize, design, implement, measure, and improve your information security program.



Some or all of the services described herein may not be permissible for KPMG audit clients and their affiliates or related entities.