Digital disruption is changing the world in which we live and work. New technologies have created new markets that, in turn, create new customers and new competitors with new expectations. The pace of change is unlikely to slow any time soon.

Digital transformation is enabled by technology, but its success is about much more. It means taking on enterprise-wide change to evolve an organization’s business and operating models, as well as the way its people work – across the front, middle and back offices. And it means integrating high volumes of data to predict, influence and respond to customer behavior. All with the objective of assuring clear business outcomes.

How we can help:

The pace of digital and the race to innovate has left many organizations lacking an enterprise-wide digital roadmap. Digital innovation is dominating the leadership agenda, but many companies are struggling to manage it.

KPMG in Vietnam has identified four steps to guide your digital transformation journeys. Each has the potential to deliver true value.

  • Understand industry-specific opportunities for digital disruption
  • Articulate an enterprise-wide operational strategy that connects the front, middle and back office
  • Create a business strategy that starts from the
  • Embed culture change programs throughout digital transformation

KPMG in Vietnam has the experience and expertise to drive change and provide the insights needed for you to start and continue on your journey of innovation. With the extensive global Digital KPMG network, we offer strong expertise from strategy through execution across digital transformation journey including strategy and roadmap development, omni-channel management, social media management, digital customer experience, digital analytics and innovation management. Our goal is to improve the strategic value of your investments in business and digital technologies.

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