In an age of mobile, social media and digital/online transformation, organizations are challenged by the need to be agile, always ‘on’ and deepening connections with their customers. The consequences (and threats) posed by these types of activities is changing the way organizations think about, and manage risk.

As the volume and importance of digital information flowing through and stored within companies increases, so too does the need to safeguard that information against unauthorized access, disclosure, or misuse. Information – whether it is customer records, financial data, or intellectual property – ranks among companies’ most valuable business assets, and needs to be handled and protected with an appropriate degree of care, especially since an increasing number of businesses have come under threat in Vietnam.

This makes it essential for businesses to build their organizational resilience, strengthen core controls and elevate their cyber security maturity to meet the challenges of technology and information risks head on.

How we can help

  • KPMG Cybersecurity services help you effectively manage and control corporate information assets across a broad spectrum of evolving threats and scenarios. Companies today increasingly realise that security is not a one-time project, but instead a strategy that must adapt to changing threats, remain consistent with the organization’s business initiatives, and deliver benefits such as manageability, assurance and efficiency. We help you identify your most important information assets, and work with them to develop an effective approach combining technology and business processes.
  • We help you reduce fraud losses by assessing the robustness of technology infrastructure against attack, provide advice to prevent data loss and help establish an appropriate data protection framework, as well as advice on business continuity management and disaster recovery to improve resilience against incidents.

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