In today's business world, digital transformation, ESG, and AI, especially generative AI, offer opportunities to enhance employee productivity and gain a competitive edge. Forward-thinking organizations are thus considering AI integration for future advantages. In particular, AI has increasingly played a key role in laying the foundation for one of the most important determinants of business success in recent years – customer experience (CX). 

With the objective of accompanying businesses in addressing the customers’ evolving demands for well-developed CX, KPMG is honored to release the fourth edition of the 2023 Vietnam Customer Experience Excellence (CEE) Report – Augmenting the Human Touch.

In this era of uncertainty, businesses face both challenges and opportunities. It's crucial for them to adapt to changing dynamics, leverage technology, and prioritize Integrity as well as Expectations. Customers, even with tightening budget, value fulfilling experiences and will invest in brands that embody these qualities, positioning them for success in the future.

Nguyen Tuan Hong Phuc
Head of Customer & Operations Consulting
Sector Lead of Technology & Media
KPMG in Vietnam

What the report is about

In this year's CEE report, to understand their perspectives on what defines a great CX, our research involved engaging with:



Countries, regions and jurisdictions



Vietnamese consumers



Sectors covered in Vietnam



Ranked brands in Vietnam

Based on KPMG’s The Six Pillars of Experience methodology, including Integrity, Empathy, Resolution, Personalization, Expectations, Time and Effort, we measure CX via the CEE score that derives from the weighted average of a brand’s score for every pillar.

Tap on the cards to


Using individualized attention to drive an emotional connection


Understanding your internal or external customers circumstances to drive deep rapport


Managing, meeting and exceeding customer expectations


Turning a poor experience into a great one

Time & Effort

Minimizing customer effort & creating frictionless processes


Being trustworthy and engendering trust

Why the report is right for you

Through the CEE Report 2023, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive perspective on factors driving the CX landscape in Vietnam.

We bring you insightful case studies of top-performing brands regarding CEE scores as pragmatic and objective sources of references for brands’ future strategies to enhance CX.

We will provide the design principles for leveraging AI based on the Six Pillars of experience. The principles spotlight where, when implementing AI, organizational efforts can be best expended to deliver great experiences.

The report at a glance

How the report goes to you

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If you would like to discuss any aspect of the 2023 Vietnam Customer Experience Excellence Report as well as find out how KPMG can help you start your customer experience transformation journey, please contact KPMG's C&O via the information below.

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